Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Closing time, Every new beginning come's from some other beginning's end. - Semisonic

SO much going on at the moment, but the key to life is to continue consistency whatever the circumstances. So I will, I am blessed with a supportive and loving husband and I am grateful to God that he is strong and is my backbone. I will continue this journey, and will plan, and work till I succeed.

I just registered for an International Marathon in Queenstown NZ.


1. Because it is a MASSIVE challenge for someone like me. (Like me as in Obese and full of self doubt.)

2. It has been a goal for a very long time, more of a secret goal because of the doubt I already had and the laughter I could hear from anyone who i would ever confide in (trust posting this on the internet haha)

3. After seeing my grandmother pass away, I was reminded of all her sacrifices, love and care for us, to give us a better life. What exactly am I doing with mine? wasting it with no goals that involve taking care of my health and longevity. She was a proud woman, and proud of me. One of the last times we spent together, she said that I need to lose weight, not for offence, but serious concern. And I for one, already knew that, but to see the look in her eye and the way she expressed herself, it would make anyone get off the couch and move!

4. I am an Islander. We don't have the best genetic traits when it comes to inherited illnesses. And I want to minimise the chances of any of these happening, this goal is a stepping stone to a complete lifestyle change.

5. I look at my childhood and the adults would always say to me "Do what I say, Not what I do!".  Now that i have my own children, I want to lead by example. Doing the right, so they can do right too. Plus I have such a beautiful friend and husband in Steven. He has always said, I want to live a long life together, I want to make his dream a living daily reality. I know my habits are bad, but I am also determined to be a game changer, not a pawn in life because of circumstances/ genetics/ poor me (violins) It is time to own my mistakes, and to kill it, doubt that is.

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